Quick History Lesson "Cappadocia" stems from the Old Persian word Katpatuka, which means “Land of Beautiful Horses.” The area, located in central Anatolia (Turkey), has a rich geological and cultural history that I had the chance to explore on my recent trip to the country. Cappadocia’s history spans many powerful empires including the Hittites, Romans, […] Read More

So my brother is looking for a new apartment in the greater NYC area, and comes across a listing on Apartments.com that seems almost too good to be true. The place was a furnished 1 bedroom on the waterfront in Jersey city, with beautiful views of the city, brand new appliances, and parking included - the works […] Read More

There's a secret in the hotel industry that has been raking in extra income for hoteliers since it's inception. I’m talking about upselling. Well, I guess it’s not a huge secret, but upselling can be the difference between a profitable hotel and one that’s running in the red. Hospitality professionals know just how important it […] Read More

In these modern times, it’s safe to say almost all guests checking in to your listing are looking to log in to the WiFi network. Especially those who are traveling internationally and don’t have cellular data. How are you managing access? Just giving out a password to each guest? What if you didn’t need to […] Read More

Another big problem that vacation home renters and Airbnb hosts can address with home automation is wasteful energy usage. Average homeowners can save enough in a relatively short period of time to make the investment worthwhile, but in a vacation rental - the savings can be huge! Consider the case from our intro post for […] Read More

The first (and perhaps most obvious) problem that hosts face that can be solved by home automation technology, is the key exchange. The simplest solution is a lockbox somewhere outside of the building, while the more complete solution can involve either a stand-alone digital door lock, or one that integrates with your centralized home-automation system. […] Read More

It’s getting late. Your guests were supposed to arrive three hours ago but their car broke down in Allentown, PA and now you’re stuck waiting around to hand off the keys to your place, when you should be home watching your Sunday night TV show line-up. 10:00 PM… Great - there goes Game of Thrones. […] Read More

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